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By Sophia Sng · May 24, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Had been feeling unstable / unhappy / insecure / super swinging this few days.
Probably due to.. BAD HAIR DAY!

Ok drop the unhappy subject.
Monday it was Keith Bday as mention in my previous post.
We gave a surprise to him together with his other Cliques.
Funny combination, but was just as good.

Lets the Pictures do the Talking.

Edmond, The Birthday Boy wannabe! haha! (his turn will come soon in a month time)

Tadahh! The Birthday Boy! Keith! Gemini US! hahaha!

Pressie we got for him. He Love it!
Our hardwork pays off!

So that's the end of the Monday.

For Tuesday, Nth Much jus EMo-ing away, cancel all my appt even w darling sister.
& Went Tampines to find my niece Kylie. She's so adorable & lovely & clever!

Missing her already. Aww.
She can really cheer me up. and make me forget abt all problems.

anyway case close for the emo... bf is nice enough to solve this.


By Sophia Sng · May 22, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Many had plans, Many had ideas, Many had move on...
But We are still stucked in there in the Starting point. WHY?
Somehow i felt im the caused of it...
Somehow i felt there's a curse in me... That i cant be w the one i wish to be with.
and it's near June now... Everyyear its the same.
Could it be God's word... to be left alone n hurt lesser?
i seriously think i wont be able to enjoy life... but to only suffer.

i surrender...

Worthless Bitch = Me.


By Sophia Sng · May 21, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Ok, I dislike Monday.!
But i had a fulfilled weekend w my love ones
A well-planned day delicating for each n every loves!

Friday 18th May.
Meet Up w Wee, Celesta & Linda at Bugis for Dinner as well as Movie.
A kinda fun chat up abt our man & love life. But 1 thing we learned is 习惯.

Dinner at Uncle Fried Rice as usual.
Aftermath, heading to Shaw Bugis to watch the SG Horror Movie 灵听. (Or i should say Comedy Show)
the Theatre is full of laughter >.< Maybe because the lead reminds ppl of Auntie Lucy. Lols.

That's the end of my Friday Programmes.

Saturday 19th May.
As Asual, Half day work. The Sun is Killing me when i was heading home from work.
Reach home, Straight go into Coma Mode till 4.30, Preparing to head out & met with Linda & Rach & Edmond & Fiona.
The Ladies are out to get gift for Keith. Hopefully he like it.
After sourcing so many OOS status for Diablo 3.
It's Lucky Suntec do have stock for it. Ended up buying 2 (1 for Keith / 1 for Me)
What we got for Keith are
- Nudie Jeans
- Diablo 3
*Guess he be overwhelmed by our hardwork & surprises today.
weee ... Whenever i planned a Surprise for someone close to me. Seeing their face filled with Joy & Happiness.
I felt happy too. Guess that's the greatest achievement for Organiser.
But My Birthday how? Will they even Plan for me? haha! (bad point as a organiser)
Nevermind, So long as i felt appreciated, im happy Enough! TROLLL!

Aftermath, We head to Kallang Leisure for bowling.
& Darling Sis Jas came over to meet me & so randomly.
& the two of us just went coffee bean for chitchatting session.
Sometimes, it's great n simple for simple chat up too.
Soon after all the dee-dee-there-li. Decided to head home, as bf not feeling well.
So Leon fetch us home & Lian will cab home from KB.
& due to bf "Speak of the Devil" Road block. We got it.. haha!
All of us was chased down by the police & HOME SWEET HOME.
Lookie Lookie ... Polka dots & Leopardy Prints lol!
That's all for my Saturday! Fun-Filled! L.O.V.E

Sunday 20th May.
Stay Home Sunday. Learning & Exploring Diablo 3.
Kinda Fun Game. & Evening, A Sudden Meet up when bf ask if wanna have dinner together at bugis.
So asked Gerald & Liting to come along. Also, Wee & Linda ask to shop at bugis too.
So Ended up 6 of us having Uncle Fried Rice together & Shopping at Bugis Village to digest.
& we depart from Wee & Linda as the 4 of us heading for a random Movie ideas by Bf.
Jump 21. It's a Great Movie & a Funny One.

After Movie, Home Sweet Home.
& Diablo all the way till 2.30 with Chin Ling Bro.
while Bf is selfishly skyping with the rest & power lvling himself.

(Fun Fact. Liting talks about SILLY-MA (Cinema)) haha!

Food For Thought

By Sophia Sng · May 19, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Been so long since i update this abandon space of mine.
Shall skip all the unhappiness updates & i shall proceed to a happier note
Shall show u some of the good food i ate :x heee !

1. Timbre @ Old School.
A Advance celebration for Bf On April.
Personally love Italian / Western Food.
Definately a great place to Hang out, Chill, Dine with Great Live Band.
The Food & Ambience is Great Too.
Love Timbre
Price Range Per Pax : S$25-35

2. Sophia's Kitchen :X
OK, Alil out of the Topic, but its Great Food OK!
Lollipop cake Done by me w love! Super Yummy~
Actually done this for Linda's Bday so she could give it to the kids.
& All of them love it . Weee ~

3. Sophia's Kitchen :X
Prawn & Sausage Aglio Olio.
Cooked by me on a invitation of Sis Michelle Hse ...
Yummy! & They Love it too! Weee ...

4. Thai Beer Food House @ GoldenMile Complex
Set aside Italian Food, Thai Food is one of My Fav.
A Must Visit to this Outlet... They were located near a enclosed & Ulu area but nevertheless u can still see crowd.
All thier food served Fresh. & Its also the First Time i ate 臭豆.. a Great combi with Minced Pork.
& of coz the Prawn Glass Noodle! A must eat. Make me Reminise my trip in BKK
Price Range Per Pax : S$15-25

5. Nakhon Thai Kitchen @ Kovan Outlet.
This is also another Thai Eatery i would suggest, Fresh Ingredient as well its quite cheap compare to other thai food eatery.
Try on the Thick Base Tom Yum Soup, You will Love it
Suggestion, Prepare To Queue if u were to go on Peak Hour.
Price Range Per Pax : S$15-20

6.Macpherson Seafood Restaurant @ Boat Quay.
Try out thier seafood Set Lunch/Dinner @S$7.90 SGD Per Plate
It's Nice & Affordable. They had a varies of Combination of Seafood Set Meal.
It's nice to satisfy cravings. Try on the Seafood Tofu & Salted Egg Yolk Prawn.
Price Range Per Pax : S$10-15
7. G7 Sinma Seafood @ Geylang.
Definately a great place to Dine, if u are craving for Frog Leg Porridge.
It's Yummy, Everything's great But Prepare to be serve by some Rude Staff there.
Price Range Per Pax : S$15-20

8. GrandMa's Restaurant @ NEX Shopping
A Great Place to have dinner if u are there.. Nice Ambience & of coz the food are good too.
Price Range Per Pax : S$18-25
9. ICE Cube Cafe @ Esplanade
A Great hang out Place w good Ambience & Scenery.. w Great Snacks Esp Thier Waffle & Ice Cream :D
Oh, also thier Western Food (Pasta / Spaghetti & Chips)
Try On. U will love it !
Price Range Per Pax : S$10-15

10. Dae Bak Korean Restaurant. @ Amoy Street.
Set Aside Western & Thai..
Korean Food is also in my Fav. List. haha!
A Super Authentic Korean Restaurant that was patron by alot of korean too.
Great Service, Great Food, & Of coz Fresh food!
Look @ The Pictures u will Drool! Aww...
(side note for Beef Lovers, From my sister reviews. Beef over there is Real Juicy & Good)
Price Range Per Pax : S$28-35

11. Ma Maison Restaurant @ Parco Bugis
A Super Vintage & Great Vintage layout when u step in.
Try on to thier Japanese-Italian Food!
It's Good & Price Affordable.
Price Range Per Pax : S$24-28

By Sophia Sng · January 18, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

New Year 2O12 First Post.
Lotsa happening stuff...
i just wish to pen everything down ...

<span style="color: #ff3399;">A Simple life w few close one will do.
Jus a few... that's matter...
Bcox i had learnt, i cant please everyone, i cant make ppl to like me..
No one's perfect... So what i can only do is to live my life Happily ...

So Cherish, Treasure & Appreciates every single one that matters.
Love Life! </span>


The most important thing in communication is to hear what has not been told.

By Sophia Sng · May 6, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Oops.. Lack of updates.!
Been real busy & fully pack month for me...
Well firstly, let the pictures do the talking on wad i've done.. :D

09/04/2011 ♥ - Bake the Jelly Hearts  w my two Dearest.
Faith & Faris (Niece & Nephew)


Making of the Crust.
aint She Pretty. Aww~ <span class="messageBody">♥

This suppose to be for My Dearest Sis^Mandy
But Failed.

For The Two Kids & My Family
Actually did total of 3 portion...
Onli this suceed the rest failed. due to my stupidness
but i will try again.. </span>

Finishing ... onli this succeeded, as the cheese did not float & mess with the Jelly on top hahaha!
Need more Improvement ! *gambateh
<span class="messageBody">♥

10/04/2011 </span>♥ - Meet up w Sis & XuanXuan <span class="messageBody">♥
Location : JB, Jusco

Look @ Xuan. hahaha! Lunchie @ Arashi ...

all time fav pic... My ofc Com background picture lol

Lookie Lookie ! Cheeky face..
Dress from bby Sis to Xuan Xuan </span><span class="messageBody">♥

The Three of us.. still waiting for another J.
Slack the whole aft @ Jo Hse

Aftermath </span>♥ Dinner @ Banafee.
Food Yummy
<span class="messageBody">♥

18/04/2011 </span>♥ - Baby Birthday unfortunately i dint bring my cam out
due to last min changes

photo pls view from Facebook :x

26/04/2011 <span class="messageBody">♥ - A great & awesome catch up with my Lovelies Baby Cousins.

Steamboat for Dinner w Glenn & Ivy while waiting for Isaac </span><span class="messageBody">♥

Snapping away after dinner @ Parco while waiting fr Isaac

After Isaac arrives. Turn to Swirl Art Yogurt!
Good place to chill & most of all its yummy & v unique coz u can D.I.Y
n best of all, its Isaac Treats haha! </span>

still continue our cam-whoring. haha

My bby Lovelies Cousin
<span class="messageBody">♥ Ivy, Isaac, Glenn

Quote- "dont chop my head pls shot" Isaac. LOL! </span>

Ok la last pic for tt night. For more. view it @ my Fb :x
We had lotsa laughter, catching up & Joy.. Love the bonding in between the four of us..
miss childhood, However we hope we still remains the same ..
Closeness !
♥ Thanks Lord for the blessing ♥.
Unexplainable Happiness

This few is the exciting moments for the month of April. <span class="messageBody">♥
Another one is my new hse @ Bedok Hse warming.
It's sucha hectic n busy day but its glad loves one all attended except afews.
a few picture taken but yet to upload. *mayb later*

Now Its May! </span><span class="messageBody">♥ Lotsa long weekend as well as the GE. oMg..
confused. on who to vote tml. can i jus void it. >.<

and i seriously wish to get my ass to USS ! Any One interested in going w me. Aww </span><span class="messageBody">♥
And i seriously need to write my wishlist big big now. haha Coz
i've so many thing i want to grab :( *hint baby * choose one pls*

Ipad 2 !!!
Iphone 4 White !!!
MONEY !!!! (Most impt thing so to get all i want)!

before i go! i want to say!
Happiest Mother's Day to My Mommy & baby Mommy!
You Both are the greatest </span>♥ Love You!
and to all the Mommies out there
<span class="messageBody">♥

Oh did i say i bought my lens 35mm f1.8 for my bby D90 ♥ Madd Happy ! Hurray!
well. the connection at my hse sucks now
Dont even know whether my post will go thru anot. haha

restless mi gg to log off now . buai.
time to watch my TVeee

欢乐 の 周末 + 生日快乐 ♥

By Sophia Sng · April 5, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

This gonna be a long long post ~ ♥
Hopefully im not too late.

First of all, Happiest 24th Birthday to u My Kan Chio Darling Sister of Mine,
Mandy Tan!
You know i love u hahaha! n i know u waiting for the cake ♥
Cant wait for our date on Sun w Jo & Xuan ♥
Thanks for always been there for me.. Thru my ups n down. ♥

Happiest 21st Birthday to u my 梦儿. ♥
Hearts u too ♥  Thanks for being there for me too.
when i needed someone badly & understand me. ♥
Hopefully u love the gifts we gave u, with my efforts ok ♥ haha
Win more $ frm Casino huh ♥

Well i had a Super Tired, Rush, Happy, Fun, Joy, Love, Worth it & Contented weekend
that i seriously missing it right now >.<
The fun & happiness is unexplainable with Cliques ♥
新婚愉快! to DeLiang & Elisa (眯眯眼&AhLu)
Let Some of the photos Do the talking ♥

Preparation for the Gate Crash Games

Push Up position Bottoms up. haha w 酸甜苦辣.

The Geek Brothers

The Geek Sister Karen

The Geek Sister Me

The Geek Sister Qi & Wendy

End of Morning
Lijiao Jie & Deliang w Classic Face
<span class="messageBody">♥

Here comes the Night </span><span class="messageBody">♥
@ Conrad Contennial Singapore
Seriously i love the Whole Pictures.
Coz the effects come out what i wanted :x

hehe.! Camwhore a lil.. But i Love my Eye Make up :x

Us @ The Reception Counter </span><span class="messageBody">♥

I told u ! how i love my camera that night!
So many Pretty Pretty Pic for pretty babes  ... </span><span class="messageBody">♥

The Sister taking Pic with ChinLing Bro Parents

The Brothers Taking Pic with Chin Ling Parents

The Lovey Dovey Sharilyn & Alex </span><span class="messageBody">♥

The Lovey Dovey Alex & Qiang </span><span class="messageBody">♥

The Lovey Dovey Qiang & Longz </span><span class="messageBody">♥

Toast for Chin Ling </span><span class="messageBody">♥

The Bride & Groom </span><span class="messageBody">♥

After the dinner, left with us. They tries to put up a act by falling down being Drunk..
so they can skip the aftermath event. But Failed </span><span class="messageBody">♥ Hahahaha!

Last pic Taken for the Night w the Newly weds & bi n me </span><span class="messageBody">♥
as i left for Linda 21st Bday..

Still very much regret, i should have stay as i miss out lotsa fun & snap the happy moments.
but nevermind, there sure be chance...
Next time i will sure stick to them no matter wad muahaha..
Love My Cliques, Never fail to Bring the fun & Joy to me </span><span class="messageBody">♥

Still, So happy when Cliques gets marry one by one </span><span class="messageBody">♥
So, Who's Next ? hahaha

I tink the next big thing will be welcoming Chin Ling & Meihan back from US </span>
Cant Wait !
<span class="messageBody">♥

Alright.. i gonna slp alr..
After one Long tiring day. Gosh...
Nights Earthlings.</span>

Awesome & Interesting Peektures! ♥

By Sophia Sng · March 31, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Lookie Lookie~ Isnt it amazing? i was totally amazed by the Man who created this..
Dont think i will dare to walk across too haha! ♥

Wasn't feeling very well. my flu & coughs worsen.
nevetherless, i still able make it out to Cityhall there...
Browsing for Dress for DL & lijiao de wedding Dinner. OmG.
as well as shopping with Dearest sis..
Been so long since we went shopping tgt thou we see each other almost everyday

& i hate my hair now! suck! stupid china auntie anyhow cut :( should have stick to my own stylist
kill me -.-

Anyway.. i felt WOW, Nowadays kid can really be so UP! lol.
My nephew & niece have facebook of their own which is only (7-8 yrs old)
whats best, even know how to comment on my post >.<
as well as my another 2 nephew & niece knows how to whatsapp, talkbox too.
Madd Cute hahaha
Im surrounded by Awesome ppl but arouse by some unknown creature in my life haha!

I go wash up already & watch TV

Don't talk Rubbish unless you can improve the silence.
You are not as bad as people say, you are much, much worse.
So, conclusion is... S.T.F.U!

Everything Came in a Package ~ ♥

By Sophia Sng · March 30, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Hello! I shall start off with this 2 pic taken w Love

Our Crisp Stage Tee tgt ♥ Woohoooo~ Love it ttm!

Anyway was real Sick this two days :(

all come in package ...

Happiness, Love, Joy, Fun (package 1)

flu, sore throat, giddy spells, fever (package 2)

& i got both... >.<

and Love's Mommy & Sis-es in BKK now ~ Shopping paradise ! wahlau! i Want it too~

How Sua Gu can i be. never been to Thailand >.< beside SG Thai Disco.*Hilarious.

For sure they will enjoy themself! Happy for them!

But at this stage my Throat really sore lar! & fever keep coming back n find me...

it's so lucky, i've my parents, my Love, My Sis to take care of me

Was in ofc on tues n i felt coldness, n fevers & sore throat attacks me..

Sis bought me medicine but still i dint stay long & left her alone in ofc when peak period :( SORRY !.. went back after tat. too miserable n giddy n right after i reach KB i vomitted >.< drowsy

n reach Mommy place i slpt thru out  till 7! n i felt mommy hand touching on my forehead! n immediatly she brought me medicine w 2 spoons of porridge.

How Sweet! ♥ straight after tat Love brought me 凉茶 & Dinner!

See! how can i not love them

Much Loves!

Ok! Backlog. It's Markie Advance Birthday celebration. day before i fall sick >.< (let the peektures do the talking)

Markie L~~~V pressie from Crankie Us!

Love & Me

This Pic is so Epic! I Like! haha Markie

Rach, Linda & Me (Travel kaki)

Rach, Linda, Yiru & Me (Mahjong Kaki)

Kitty Sam, Celesta & Me

Me & Kitty Sam.


Well for more interesting pic do head to my fb picture to browse haha!

So Excited! This Sat! Lijiao & Deliang Big Day which we da CliQues, Thier Bro & BridesMaid How fortunate haha!

Guess straight after that Heading to Ah Loh 21st Bday Chalet .

hoho! Apologise have to go abit later liaos!


*Side Note, I tink im in love with my New House <3 It's done soon!

well, i shall stop here & watch Tv



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周末来了の 生日快乐 ♥

By Sophia Sng · March 25, 2011 · 0 Comments ·




第一. 就是没有他就没有我的. 亲爱的爸爸.

我爱你啦 爸爸! 

谢谢你把我教到那么独立. 虽然每一次都会跟你斗嘴. 可是你还是我生命中的重要人物. *HUGZ*

第二就是, 象我的弟弟一样的. 马克胖 Mark Pang GW.

Wow, This is the only pic i took with u like.. 2 yrs ago. 2009 pic haha!

Happiest 23rd Birthday! & dont be so naughty alr LOL!

& i shall be ur camera gal tml  @ Club Doll.

Hopefully u will enjoy urself to ur fullest w us there with u & the surprise given to u :D hee


Well, A Date with Lijiao for our Beauty Treats to Fancl Today

Tml Noon will be a Date with Linda aka Mong Er. ♥ like a finally + probably w Russ den head to Meet the rest.

Shall End Here, Nights



Click a Click ♥

♥ 3iiOO5 ♥

He Who Gave Me All the

SCALE i yearn for <3

Secure, Care, Attention,

Loves & Efforts

& Show me How Beautiful the WORLD is.


♥ Yearn for ♥

Him <- Gotcha ♥

More Time



Better Life

Better Future

Apple IPad 2 -> Gotcha

Prada Saffiano Bag

Prada Saffiano Wallet

Lumix Lx3 -> Gotcha

Nikon D90 DSLR -> Gotcha

Nikon 35mm 1.8/f Lens -> Gotcha

LV Monogram Palermo

LV Damier Neverfull MM

Burberry Tote -> Gotcha

Career Build by Hand

all the things i wanted

♥ Show Me the WORLD ♥

HongKong Trip w Baby&Family ♥ o8o8o9

Taiwan Trip w Cousins 2511o9

Taiwan Trip w Baby Family 13o11o

Hong Kong Trip w Mandy & Bf 120510

Taiwan Trip w The Crankie 13o111

BKK Shopping Trip w The Crankie 17o911

Pulau Ubin Cycling Trip w The Crankie o1o112

Genting Trip 2012(赌场) w CliQuEs 24o212

2d1N StayOver @ Re! w MjjS o7o412

Taiwan Relax Trip 2013

Star Cruise w Baby

Redang Trip 2011 w CliQues

Paris, Japan, US, LA, NY

Bring me around the World


Twittie ♥

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